Practice medicine. Not bookkeeping.


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Connie Stagg, President

"After 10 years of experience in medical billing, I knew that joining Totus Tuus was an opportunity for me to take the company to the next level.  Being on the other side of the equation, I know exactly what doctors want and need to run a successful practice - giving them time and energy to dedicate to their patients, instead of medical billing."


Commonly Prescribed for Billing Headaches.

Service Below the Surface.

Service is often an empty promise.  Service is a the core of our business philosophy.  Our dedication to service goes well beyond the surface.  

Simply put, Totus Tuus is there when you need us.     

What they didn't tell you in med school.

Doctors have more to worry about than simply helping others.  Often times the business of medicine can overwhelm the actual practice of medicine.

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed is to outsource your medical billing.  By doing so, you can concentrate completely on controlling the health of your patients without losing control over your day-to-day business matters.

Practice medicine.


Chad Heinen, Co-Founder

"I didn't go through years of medical school to spend more time overseeing the books than my patients, but that's what happened to me and what happens in many practices.  I knew there had to be a better way.  Michael and I created Totus Tuus to allow doctors to maintain confidence that their billing was being done efficiently without having to devote their practice to paperwork."


Practice medicine.


Michael Johns, Co-Founder

"Honesty and integrity are important aspects of customer service.  I want doctors to trust that we are not only providing full-service medical billing, but that we care about keeping the patients satisfied and the office running smoothly.  We will always go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition from care-giving to billing reimbursement."

Practice medicine, not bookkeeping.

Not bookkeeping.

Outsourcing can also significantly reduce your overhead and daily tasks, creating an increase in overall office efficiency.

Totus Tuus was created to do precisely that.  From a simple database question to a customized system installation, we're there.  We evolve as your business does to stay ahead of the curve.  We can create the most efficient management solution for your individual needs with the experience and expertise to back it up.  And we do it all with the personal care you deserve.     

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