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  Mercury's head with his winged helmet.

Mercury's head with his winged helmet.  You probably are aware that his ankles or feet also have wings as does his staff.  It's properly called the caduceus.

More than a century ago, US Army medical officers erroneously selected the caduceus as an emblem.  The reason for this error is described in Chapman's history of the Army Medical Corps.  It has recently partially corrected this mistake by adopting a regimental crest having not the caduceus but the staff of Aesculapius, who is an ancient god of medicine.  His staff, represented in the logos of organizations such as the AMA, has only one snake and no wings.

I like your Totus Tuus Medical Management business logo with its apparent reference to Mercury, a god of commerce.  Your seal is most appropriate and in good taste.

Al Rees, MD

Ardoin/Pfizer Professor of Family Medicine

LSU School of Medicine, NO

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